Man Arrested on Assault Charges after Fight with Lyft Driver in Santa Ana

Police have arrested a man on suspicion of assaulting a Lyft driver in Santa Ana. According to a news report in The Orange County Register, there is surveillance footage and cell phone video that showed the man punching a Lyft driver in the face after she apparently parked crooked and...

How Hit and Run Defense Lawyers Help In Court

In California, a hit and run accident can have serious repercussions including fines and jail time, regardless of whether there were personal injuries or property damage. If you have been charged with a hit and run, an experienced lawyer can protect your rights in court and help mitigate the penalties...

Sex Crime Defense FAQs | California Defendant Info

Being accused of a sex crimes offense in California can be a nightmarish experience. If convicted, the offender may face fines and jail time as well as being placed on the sex offender registry list. Being on the registry can affect every aspect of your life from where you may...

How Orange County Burglary Attorneys Fight Charges

Being wrongly accused of a burglary in Orange County can ruin the life of the defendant: jail time, fines and long-term consequences of having a criminal record can all result from a false charge. A qualified attorney can help you defeat a false burglary charge and prevent the stress, financial burden...
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