Sex Crime Defense FAQs | California Defendant Info

Being accused of a sex crimes offense in California can be a nightmarish experience. If convicted, the offender may face fines and jail time as well as being placed on the sex offender registry list. Being on the registry can affect every aspect of your life from where you may...

How Orange County Burglary Attorneys Fight Charges

Being wrongly accused of a burglary in Orange County can ruin the life of the defendant: jail time, fines and long-term consequences of having a criminal record can all result from a false charge. A qualified attorney can help you defeat a false burglary charge and prevent the stress, financial burden...

Why Defendants Avoid Public Defenders At All Cost

No one actually WANTS to use the services of a public defender, they just NEED to. When charged with a crime, defendants are often overcome with the fear of a conviction. Worries about losing one’s job or freedom can draining, leading to health problems and other issues. Pursuant to the...

Can I Attack or Restrain Someone If I Catch Them Burglarizing My Home?

Everyone wants to feel safe in their own home, and most people believe that a person should have the right to do whatever is necessary to defend their home against burglars. California’s Castle Doctrine (PC Section 198.5) specifically addresses this issue by specifying what a homeowner is allowed to do...
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