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When your freedom is on the line, do you really want to risk it all on a public defender? Is your life worth a few thousand dollars?

Our Riverside and Orange County criminal defense attorneys fight tooth and nail for every single client that they represent, regardless of the charges for which they are facing.

You can count on our experienced legal team to mount a formidable defense that exposes the prosecution flaws and puts you in a position to be successful.

The Criminal Defense Attorneys You Need

public defenders examined.

Do you know how to spot a good attorney? You can start by finding a lawyer that specializes in the type of law for which you need assistance: criminal law.

Attorney Randy Collins was previously the Riverside District Attorney. His time spent as a prosecutor gave him unparalleled access to the interworking of the prosecution, and his experience has served him and his clients well.

He handles criminal law exclusively and dedicates his time solely to the pursuit of justice on behalf of Southern California criminal defendants for burglary, assault, domestic violence, drug crimes, DUI, hit and run, sex crimes, white collar offenses and numerous other misdemeanor and felony criminal charges.

What Our Clients Have To Say

Best Rated

“Randy is a great attorney that has helped me out of a bad situation. I refer all of my friends that get in trouble and he has gotten all of their cases either dismissed or reduced significantly. You definitely get what you pay for when you hire this firm.” – Chris H. (Yelp).

“If anyone needs a trustworthy, honest, hard working and caring attorney, it’s without any doubt, Mr. Randy Collins. I have had many contacts throughout my lifetime, and I have never ran into such a professional in the law field. He’s also a very caring individual that listens to the client and shows great respect.” – Mary S. (AVVO).

Locations Near You in OC and Riverside

Firm LocationsProsecutors know which lawyers they are going to fight against, and which ones they are going to concede to. Why? They know which lawyers are better than others, which is why many defendants choose local well-known attorneys over distant ones.

We have serviceable locations in Fullerton, Santa Ana, Newport Beach, and Riverside, California and services courts in Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino, and the OC.

Don’t Move Forward Unprepared

If you’ve been arrested, the importance of speaking with a California criminal defense attorney that you trust cannot be understated. There are court dates that defendants must be prepared for if they want to have any chance of obtaining their desired result.

Our local criminal defense lawyers provide free consultations to anyone facing criminal charges in the OC, Riverside, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Call (888) 250-2865 to speak with one of our experienced lawyers today.


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How We Can Help

The Law Offices of Randy Collins has years of experience assisting defendants with a variety of different kinds of criminal offenses. Choose from one of our area of practice below to learn how we can help.

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