California Criminal Defense Attorney

When your freedom is on the line, do you really want to risk it all on a public defender?

As a previous DA prosecutor and member of the Narcotics Task Force, Attorney Collins has the experience, empathy, and success record necessary to help ensure every opportunity is taken to protect his clients.

You can count on our experienced legal team to mount a formidable defense that exposes the prosecution flaws and puts you in a position to be successful.

The Criminal Defense Attorneys You Need

Do you know how to spot a good attorney? You can start by finding a lawyer that specializes in the type of law for which you need assistance: criminal law.

Attorney Randy Collins was previously the Riverside District Attorney. His time spent as a prosecutor gave him unparalleled access to the interworking of the prosecution, and his experience has served him and his clients well.

He handles criminal law exclusively and dedicates his time solely to the pursuit of justice on behalf of Southern California criminal defendants for burglary, assault, domestic violence, drug crimes, DUI, hit and run, sex crimes, white collar offenses and numerous other misdemeanor and felony criminal charges.

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How We Can Help

The Law Offices of Randy Collins has years of experience assisting defendants with a variety of different kinds of criminal offenses. Choose from one of our area of practice below to learn how we can help.

The Opposing Side Will Be Prepared for Battle

We are battle hardened and prepared to win.