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Have you recently been arrested or charged with a crime? If so, we understand how difficult and upsetting this period of time is for you. Where do you find help? Where do you turn?  The professional and experienced legal team at the Law Offices of Randy Collins is here to help you.

As a previous DA prosecutor and member of the Narcotics Task Force with several years' of experience successfully defending his clients, Attorney Collins has proven to be an incredible advocate to those who choose to retain him.

As you can see from his results and reviews, those who retain Randy can count on an experienced legal team to mount a formidable defense that exposes the prosecution's flaws and and/or puts them in the best position to be successful.

Attorney Randy Collins was formerly a prosecutor for the County of Riverside and has been representing defendants exclusively for many years. His experience as a DA gave him unparalleled access to the interworking of the prosecution and has served him and his clients well.

Randy Collins dedicates his time solely to the pursuit of justice on behalf of Southern California criminal defendants. If you or your loved one were arrested in California, contact our firm to request your free consultation.

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