13 Anaheim Young Adults Involved in Gang-Related Stabbing

Anaheim sign at site of 14-person stabbing involving young adults
A recent stabbing incident in Anaheim involving fourteen males and females, thirteen of which were twenty-four or under, ended with eight stab victims and six suspects in custody.

The incident is still under investigation, but the police are currently treating the situation as a gang-related incident. Anaheim has had more crime than the majority of Orange County cities over the last several years, which includes gang-related crimes.

8 Stab Victims, 6 Suspects – 12/27/2015

The Anaheim police department responded to a report of stabbing just after 1:20am on Sunday December 28th on the 400 blog of Sycamore Street. Upon arrival, police found eight stab victims, some male some female, and where able to obtain identifying info from people at the scene.

Officers were able to obtain a description of the suspects’ vehicle, a white Toyota Camry, and information that the suspects likely fled eastbound to make their escape.

Officers were able to spot the suspected vehicle as the call went out and call for backup. The vehicle was surrounded at East Street and Lincoln Avenue and the suspects surrendered without incident.

Anaheim Gang Activity On the Rise?

Information about Anaheim’s rising and falling gang activity is few and far between. As a criminal defense law firm, our general experience is that gang activity throughout Orange County is on the rise, but that should not be considered evidence that gang activity in Anaheim is increasing.

According to the estimated gang risk index of insideprison.com, a website that compares gang activity in areas throughout the United States, Anaheim has very little gang activity when compared to areas with a lot of gang activity.

Charges with Gang Enhancements

If the suspects are charged for stabbing the victims in question, they could face a variety of charges that could result in a lifetime of prison if convicted.

In addition, those who commit crimes as part of a gang or criminal organization are subject to special penalty enhancements, which may increase the potential prison time faced by the defendants involved.

Anaheim Criminal Defense

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