Attorney Randy Collins

“Without experienced legal representation, you increase the chance of being convicted of a crime you never committed.”

– Attorney Randy Collins

With so much at stake right now, you can’t afford to put your future in jeopardy by hiring an inexperienced trial lawyer. Randy Collins graduated with honors from the prestigious University of Notre Dame and attended one of the best law schools available to future attorneys: Boston College Law School. He pursues each client’s case with an aggressive defense that is unmatched and provides each client with options that other criminal defense attorneys may not be able to offer

Reap the benefits of having a former DA prosecutor on your side.
Randy Collins was previously a Deputy District Attorney for the County of Riverside. He has insider knowledge of the inner workings of the prosecution, allowing him to anticipate their strategies better than regular criminal defense lawyers. His close relationships developed during his time as the D.A. has bred respect and fear that Randy uses to help get charges dropped and secure better plea bargains when avoiding a conviction simply is not an option.

Superb attorney rating, A+ from BBB, and 10 best client satisfaction
Randy has been rated 9.9 out of 10 by, a website relied-upon by millions of criminal defendants to provide reliable reviews of attorneys in the field of criminal justice. Randy and the Law Offices of Randy Collins have also been recognized as an A+ Better Business Bureau criminal defense law firm and a 10 Best Client Satisfaction recipient from the American Institute of Criminal Law Attorneys.

Experience with narcotics task force helps drug crime defendants
Randy previously worked on the prosecution’s Narcotics Task Force, providing him with additional in-depth knowledge of how prosecutors and police officers help secure convictions against drug crime defendants and knows how to expose flaws in their evidence and evidence gathering process. When important evidence is deemed inadmissible, prosecutors often drop the charges.

Relied upon by colleges to prepare future defenders of justice
Attorney Collins speaks at prestigious colleges and is looked up to by his peers as well as future attorneys at the schools he lectures for.

Relentlessly pursues perfection and new complex legal knowledge via legal seminars
Attorney Collins attends legal seminars designed to keep the best criminal defense lawyers informed of evolving legal defenses, new cases, and new laws. If there are new laws that affect his clients, Randy Collins makes sure that he is well aware and that he is prepared to use new law changes to his clients’ advantage in court.

Not just a job, but a calling
Criminal defense and the general defense of people’s rights in the criminal justice system is not just a job to attorney Collins, it is his passion and calling in life. He is personally invested in each and every person’s case that he represents, helping to ensure each client’s case is given the disciplined and dedicated hard work and attention to detail that these cases require to ensure the best possible defense is provided.

Cell phone availability after hours and on weekends for your peace of mind
Randy answers clients calls after hours and on weekends because he cares and he doesn’t want his clients to live in fear. Being faced with a criminal charges is terrifying. Randy knows that you are worried about your future and takes your concerns seriously and takes extraordinary steps to help make you feel comfortable.

criminal defense lawyer evaluation

Attorney Randy Collins knows what prosecutors go for because he was one. Call Randy today at (888) 250-2865 and find out what we can do to protect your rights. Arrests that occurred within San Diego County, Riverside County, Orange County, Los Angeles County, and San Bernardino County automatically qualify for a free case evaluation with our firm. Arrests outside of those areas will require a $100 evaluation fee.


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