Top Five Celebrity Arrests of 2017

Celebrity arrests always make big headlines, particularly here in Los Angeles where celebrity citing is not all that uncommon. While some of these arrests create shockwaves, others are not as scandalous simply because we tend to expect some celebrities to have those occasional run-ins with the law. There’s no question...

California Robbery Defenses

Robbery is a common charge in Southern California, but it is not always an easy charge for prosecutors to prove. A skilled robbery lawyer can raise one or more important defenses to an accusation of robbery. Nine of the most common defenses to robbery are discussed below. What the Prosecution Must Prove...

Is It Possible To Have a Felony Charge and Not Go to Jail?

Felonies are more serious than misdemeanors, but not all felonies are equally serious. For that matter, not all people receive the same sentence when they commit the same felony. The sentence imposed for a felony depends on the extent of the harm caused, the character of the offender, and other...

Can Someone Drop Charges Against You?

People who are charged with a crime sometimes think they can persuade the alleged victim to drop the charge. In reality, a crime victim cannot drop a criminal charge, and trying to persuade that person to do so carries the risk that new criminal charges will be filed. Click here...
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