Jail and Prison Time For California Burglary Offenses

Burglary is one of those crimes in California, which, if you are convicted, means that you are most likely spending a significant amount of time in jail or prison. The amount of time that you will spend behind bars depends upon a number of different factors, including the specific acts...

What Constitutes Assault In Orange County, CA?

These days, people are used to slinging insults and threats around as if there are no repercussions. While many people refrain from responding with violence, others have trouble letting jerks be rude to them, their spouse, or their children without responding in a threatening way. In today’s legal landscape, those...

13 Anaheim Young Adults Involved in Gang-Related Stabbing

A recent stabbing incident in Anaheim involving fourteen males and females, thirteen of which were twenty-four or under, ended with eight stab victims and six suspects in custody. The incident is still under investigation, but the police are currently treating the situation as a gang-related incident. Anaheim has had more...

Riverside Swat Team Stops Armed Bank Robber from “Suicide by Cop”

A suspected armed bank robber, wanted in connection with a robbery that happened three days prior in San Diego County, was chased by authorities from Orange County to Riverside County before his vehicle became disabled early Sunday, authorities said. Authorities followed the suspect on December 27th, 2015 down the 91...
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