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Criminal defense office located in Fullerton, CAAre you in trouble with the Fullerton police department and are facing a possible jail term? You need to find a competitive and aggressive Fullerton criminal defense attorney to represent you. For some, staying away from trouble simply isn’t an option. You may find yourself in Fullerton police custody regardless of your attempts of being a law-abiding citizen.

You don’t have to face your charges alone. By hiring an attorney to assist you with your problems, you put yourself in a great position to identify legal loopholes and ensure your opportunities to have your case dismissed are taken advantage of.

Fullerton offenses

Fullerton is a rather large city located in Orange County, California with over 130,000 people residing within it’s borders. It is mostly known for it’s music scene, nurturing several punk and alternative music stars from no-name to stardom over the last 20+ years.

Those who live within Fullerton are well aware of allegations of Police misconduct, especially incidences of police officers abusing their power to sexually assault women, as well as the well-documented fatal shooting of a Fullerton homeless man.

Don’t stress, get help

Are you worried that you will be convicted and lose everything you’ve fought so hard for? No matter what your situation is, there is still hope. You are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. With assistance from an experienced criminal defense attorney in Fullerton with a history of successfully representing those with charges similar to your own, you can rest assured knowing that you’ve done your part to level the playing field.

Stressing yourself out about the possible outcomes of your case is not going to do you or your loved ones any good. However, speaking to Fullerton criminal lawyer about your case will help you better understand potential penalties as well as provide you with a general understanding of your ability to prove innocence.

Why do defendants need attorneys?

To ensure your legal rights are protected

As a person facing charges in a Fullerton legal proceeding, it is your responsibility to ensure that you make decisions that are in your best interest. You need an attorney to explain situations to you as well as the options that you have. Many of the decisions that are made in court, such as a guilty or not guilty plea, cannot be undone, making it extremely important that you understand the weight of your decisions and how they will affect your future. An attorney will be able to advise you in these matters and help steer you away from life-altering mistakes.

To help avoid spending time in jail or prison

Receiving a conviction for any offense can have a drastic impact on your life. This is why anyone facing charges is advised to seek council from an experienced legal professional. Imagine finding yourself serving a life sentence for a crime that you didn’t commit, one in which your legal counsel had multiple opportunities to expose false evidence or prove your innocence. It would be devastating to you and your loved ones.

Even if there is no way to avoid a conviction for your crime, the best Fullerton defense attorneys will fight hard to ensure that their clients avoid jail and prison altogether, pushing for alternative sentencing that allows them to enjoy a great deal of freedom despite being convicted.

To secure your freedom

Less fortunate people choose the route of accepting the services of a Fullerton public defender. What many fail to realize is that public defenders have very little time to spend on their clients; many are overworked, leaving them with very few hours to spend on their massive number of clients.

At the Law Offices of Randy Collins, we provide each and every one of our clients with an extremely personal experience, and work an exorbitant amount of hours on their behalf, despite regularly accepting clients on flat rate basis.

Mounting the perfect legal defense takes a lot of time and energy, both of which we pour into every client and their case to help ensure they get the very best legal representation available in Fullerton.

Crimes regularly committed in Fullerton

Fullerton is one of the more crime-ridden cities within Orange County, although substantially safer than a select few. Fullerton police are chasing down suspects on a regularly basis, and sometimes make mistakes during the course of their investigations, resulting in innocent people being arrested.

The following crimes are ones that are regularly committed in Fullerton, California:

Domestic violence

Hit and run



Drug crimes


Sex crimes

White collar

Legal Assistance for Fullerton Criminal Offenses

If you are facing charges in the city of Fullerton, speaking with a local attorney that you trust could substantially impact your ability to protect yourself. At the Law Offices of Randy Collins, we can provide you with a free consultation to help get you on the right tract. Call (888) 250-2865 to speak with one of our legal representatives and find out what can be done to protect your rights.

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