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Probation is a form of punishment given by judges to people who are found guilty of committing crimes that are considered not that serious. In California, getting a probation sentence instead of getting an imprisonment sentence is considered a “slap-on-the-wrist” type of punishment, the courts still take it seriously though and so should you. So if you are charged with a probation violation charge, it is imperative that you immediately get a Los Angeles probation violation attorney with experience and knowledge like Attorney Randy Collins┬áto help you prevent punishment like additional fines and/or extended probation.

A probation violation charge is usually determined by your probation officer. The officer in-charge of your case has the discretion of whether you should get a warning or be summoned to court for a hearing of the probation violation charge. Usually though, severe violations like arrest for committing a crime in Los Angeles, getting caught during raids, selling or possessing controlled drugs will immediately get you summoned to the court. Leaving your state without telling your probation officer or asking for permission will likely get you summoned as well. Minor offenses like forgetting to go to the court for a set appearance and untimely reporting to your probation officer can earn you a warning. Chances are usually given especially if there is a valid reason. However, multiple minor offenses can still lead to a probation violation charge.

If your probation officer has decided that you have violated the terms of your probation, you will find out by getting a letter of notice listing your violations. Upon receiving this notice, it is important that you immediately ask for help from a legal expert or get yourself an attorney to help you defend your case in front of a judge during the hearing. A legal representation that will have your back and give your case a strong defense is important to prevent heavier penalties from the judge.

Remember, a probation violation may give the judge an impression that you are not serious and disrespectful of the law and that itself is already a negative on your part. The judge has the discretion in sentencing probation violation charges so it is important to have a helpful and enthusiastic probation violation attorney like Randy Collins to dodge a dreadful punishment. A probation violation punishment will most likely be a heavier punishment than probation. Apart from the ones mentioned above, you are likely going to do a mandatory community service, pay more fines, attend rehabilitation programs, or worse, end up in jail.

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