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California Penal Code Section 653.20 to 653.28 states that offering lewd and sexual acts in exchange for money, paying money to another person to perform any lewd acts to sexually satisfy a person, as well as “pimping” is illegal. All of these illegal acts are grouped together under the Prostitution charge and is considered a misdemeanor. If proven guilty, you can be imprisoned for up to 6 months in addition to paying fines. Thus, consulting your case with legal experts like the law offices of Randy Collins is very important. These Los Angeles prostitution attorneys can help you in lessening the punishment or getting your case dismissed all together.

Elements of the Crime

For you to be proven guilty in the court, the prosecution must be able to prove the elements that constitute the crime. For a prostitution charge, these elements include:

  1. Intent to participate in prostitution – This means that the defendant must express or show the intent to engage in a sexual and/or lewd act in exchange for a payment in a form of money, drugs or other forms of compensation.
  2. Expressed agreement between the “two parties” – The two parties being the defendant and another party. This element pertains to the agreement to follow through with the intent to participate in the prostitution.
  3. An act that demonstrates that the defendant agreed to engage in prostitution – This is pretty explanatory. An example of this is when the defendant goes into the car of another person soliciting prostitution.

For the third party, referred to as the “pimp,” the penalty could be worse compared to the other participants. This is especially true if the prostitute was defrauded or coerced to be prostituted. For people soliciting prostitution from minors, the charge is elevated to a felony charge with the punishment including a registration as a sex offender. For repeat offenders, it is also mandatory that a jail sentence is served.

Consulting with the legal experts is very important to be able to make a strong case that can either lessen your sentence or dismiss the case. Legal experts such criminal defense attorneys will study the details and circumstances of your case and from there, find probable defense strategies that can help you.

Our law firm’s experience in criminal defense and vast knowledge of the law makes them an indispensable partner in defending your case. Call our Los Angeles criminal law firm office if you need a Los Angeles prostitution attorney to get a consultation.

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