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When you need Newport Beach domestic violence lawyers, we are here for you. Domestic violence charges are serious and could cause lifelong challenges if you are convicted. Having nb dv lawyers to work with you and help you through the process is necessary if you want to have the best chance to fight the domestic violence charges.

Domestic Violence Charges in NB

While these charges are most often a misunderstanding, they should be immediately addressed by Newport Beach domestic violence lawyers that understand the system and how the proceedings work. Just because you have been arrested does not mean you are going to be required to appear before a judge. A reputable lawyer is going to work to keep your case from ever reaching the inside of a court room. Being arrested does not mean you are guilty and we understand that.

Domestic Violence Defenses

Charges of domestic violence most often happen because of a divorce, child custody dispute or other personal challenges. These charges can be used to get leverage to win these cases and there are defenses you can use to make sure that does not happen.

Two defenses against domestic violence charges are self-defense and de minimis infractions. Although the plaintiff may have suffered injuries because the defendant used physical force to defend themselves from being harmed; the doctrine of self-defense may justify the defendant’s use pf physical force toward the plaintiff if the defendant believed the force was needed to protect them against the plaintiff’s use of force unlawfully.

The defense of de minimis infractions although not as strong, due to the merit of conduct so minor that it could not be a criminal offense, there are many validated cases that have used this defense. Our attorneys know how to prove when someone is trying to use these charges to hurt you for other reasons that have nothing to do with the incident as well as showing proof that your actions were not criminal and were in fact nothing that should have been brought to the court at all.

How Our Attorneys Can Help

Our Attorneys Can Help

When you are facing charges of domestic violence, defending yourself is definitely not the best course of action. You may think that hiring an attorney makes you look guilty, but in fact this shows that you are confident you are not guilty of the charges that are coming against you. Our attorneys know Orange County is one of the most severe when it comes to domestic violence charges and this is the best reason for you to retain a good defense.

We are proficient in what is required to move forward and get the charges revoked before they go to the courtroom. Having charges not reach the courtroom is better for you. Making sure that you are not wrongfully charged is what we do and helping you be properly prepared so this does not affect your life negatively.

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