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Which Crime Depends on Time – Grand Theft Auto or Joyriding?

In Orange County, there’s a big difference between cases of grand theft auto and those touching on joyriding. The differentiating factor is the total time taken by the thief before dispossessing the real owner of the automobile.

Simply put, a joyrider is a person who takes someone’s car without permission and doesn’t expect to deprive the owner of his asset permanently. On the other hand, Grand Theft Auto happens when someone takes the vehicle, knowing the owner of the car will never have it back.

So, how can you judge the intentions?

It’s incredibly simple – the circumstances that led to the discovery of the stolen car will deduce all the thief’s intentions. An Orange County teenager who takes his parent’s vehicle without permission is a joyrider because, while he or she intends to return it later, the law finds such an action as a criminal offense. Another common form of joyriding is when the thief finally leaves the vehicle along the road, sometimes in a worse condition than how it was before.

However, grand theft auto is different. The car is recovered at the thief’s hands, frequently when it’s waiting to be sold off, at a chop-shop, or even when it has been hauled off already. At that point, logic will show the precise intentions of the thief – to permanently deprive the owner of the vehicle.

About the charge

Whether the case is GTA or joyriding, it must fall into the category of misdemeanor or felony, though it depends on the jurisdiction. You may have to equate GTA to a felony and joyriding to a misdemeanor, as it’s always done, but some states classify both cases as a felony.

Orange County, for instance, allows prosecutors to charge both cases, if there’s little or no dents to the vehicle and its value is extremely low, as vehicle misdemeanor. However, irrespective of nature and type car theft case, it’s important to add they both attract serious penalties. That’s why it’s often ideal to have an experienced criminal defense attorney by your side.

How a Lawyer Can Help

Grand theft auto and joy riding are serious crimes that can result in life-long penalties. While there are some good public defenders available, the sheer number of defendants in need of great Orange County grand theft attorneys is astronomical. No attorney should be expected to be able to provide quality legal representation with so little resources to do so.

Unfortunately, that is often the case for those charged with this crime; they are stuck with a public defender that wants to give them the best representation possible, but is simply overworked. If you are in a position to hire an experienced attorney, you should not shy away from doing so.

It is important to choose a lawyer that has experience defending your charge in your local area. For Orange County defendants, the Law Offices of Randy Collins has been providing top notch legal representation for several years, and has successfully defended countless defendants at all stages of the legal process.

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