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A lot of offenses are termed sex crimes, especially when the assaulted individual was illegally forced or coerced into the activity. Before you learn about the forms of sex crimes, it’s important you understand the following.

More about Sex Crimes

Indecent exposure

It’s illegal for an individual to flaunt their genitals in public. Whether the motive of the offender is to cause alarm and offend the public or find sexual gratification by enticing sexual response, such an individual is readily arrested. There’s a different interpretation of indecent exposure in various states.

Sexual assault

Sexual assault refers to that catch-all crime, such as unwanted sexual touching, battery and assault, and attempted rape. Every state prohibits this crime, although it’s how it is defined that brings the differences. With the growing number of cases of this form of sex crime it is a good idea to consult with a knowledgeable attorney.


Prostitution is often termed the oldest profession, and rightfully so, since it’s as old as the human race. It is the practice of engaging in sexual intercourse for money or other monetary favors. This form of sex crime is taking a new shape in such names as escort girls and call-girl and such locales as streetwalkers and brothels. In the US, prostitution is prohibited in all places, except Nevada as explained here.


Solicitation is when one person requests, encourages, or demands another to commit a crime or dupes them into doing something illegal with you. It is punishable and demands an astute lawyer to defend the accuser or the accused.


It refers to any non-consensual sexual activity commonly advanced through physical force, threats, or other duress. Universal laws define rape within these lines and terms as unlawful and have broadened the definition concerning factors, such as gender, marriage, and the use of force. There are many technicalities regarding rape, and it’s often great to find an attorney skilled in handling violent rape cases.

Statutory Rape

People who are yet to reach the stipulated age of consent cannot legally agree to have sex. Statutory rape laws vary with each state, and if you are involved in such a case, always try to find a reputable Orange County criminal lawyer who has experience in the field of statutory rape.

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