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For any case involving theft, the subsequent penalties and sentences range in severity. For Orange County theft cases, you can expect for your charges to be taken very seriously. The level of seriousness is based on what are seemingly “insignificant” issues. In a court of law, when your freedom is on the line, these “insignificant issues” are a matter of grave importance.

Property Value and Severity of Penalties

For anyone facing charges in Orange County, it would be important to first mention that the type and value of assets stolen significantly influence whether you have are facing a misdemeanor (minor) or felony (major) charge.

Petty theft offenses usually involve the theft of property that has relatively small value. States place a particular dollar value, such as $500 or $1,000, on these types of offenses that, when exceeded, will result in more severe penalties. For misdemeanor petty theft, offenders can expect to be penalized using fines and relatively short jail sentences. California increases penalties for theft offenses when the offender has a history of theft.

When more valuable items are stolen, defendants are charged with Grand theft. “Grand theft” cases in Orange County will automatically result in a felony charge. Felony offenses are far more serious than misdemeanors and can result in costly fines and long periods in jail and/or prison.

Additional Factors

Irrespective of the type and magnitude of the case, the offender’s history relating to theft and other crimes play a part in leniency and sentencing. First timers will walk away with relatively milder penalties, unlike repeat offenders. Aside from that, there’s multiple cases of Orange County judges offering mitigating and sympathetic sentences.

Other Long-Term Consequences

Under California law, most cases are considered crimes of “moral turpitude.” It is very common for someone with a past criminal record to experience lots of difficulties with regards to landing a job. In fact, being convicted of crimes of moral turpitude, like most felonies, can’t be hidden and will be found through background checks or job application screenings. Moreover, severe cases can result in swift deportation of resident aliens upon conviction.

Thefts in Orange County

In Orange County, theft is a relatively common crime. Over the past several decades, many of those who have grown up in Orange County are now struggling to find ways to make due. Package theft, in which a person or group of people take packages from a person’s front porch, are common occurrences throughout the OC.

Other theft offenses include makeup, wages, cellphones, and even wine. A Westminster traffic stop led authorities to a stockpile of stolen wine authorities believe to have been worth more than $30,000.


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