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criminal defense law firm riversideBeing arrested for a Riverside offense can be terrifying; while some people may view a possible conviction on their record as a minor setback, others simply cannot afford to suffer the possible penalties of their offense. Some people panic and try to evade the law, while others believe themselves to be especially smart and try to manipulate Riverside officers and the court system.

There are a lot of pitfalls that Riverside criminal defense lawyers are trained to identify and avoid on your behalf. Riverside officials are well aware of the actions that defendants take to try and get themselves out of trouble, and often use these situations to help prove a defendant’s guilt.

The Law Offices of Randy Collins is dedicated to providing every client with the best possible representation. In addition to being a recipient of the 10 Best Client Satisfaction, attorney Collins was the previous District Attorney for the County of Riverside, has a 9.9 out of 10 attorney rating, and was rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. Contact us today to get help with your offense.

Why Riverside Criminal Defendants Need Attorneys

1. Damage control

The police will do their best to obtain evidence to use against you throughout the initial stages of your arrest, and prosecutors will do their best to use that evidence to help convict you. While you may have already mistakenly offered up evidence to your arresting officers, there may still be opportunities to have that evidence deemed inadmissible in a court of law. It is your Riverside criminal lawyer’s duty to manage damage control and prevent prosecutors from being able to use any and all evidence they would like throughout the course of your court proceedings.

2. Case evaluations

An attorney will help in evaluating your case to determine all the strengths and weaknesses involved. Unless you are a licensed Riverside defense attorney, you are not going to be able to properly evaluate your case and identify all of your options. An experienced lawyer will be able to do just that, and help you better understand the penalties you are facing and the options you have available.

3. Case Dismissals and plea bargains

It is the prosecutor’s goal to obtain a conviction against you in the shortest possible time. Can you imagine what would happen if you tried representing yourself? You would make the prosecutor’s job very easy. Prosecutors are well trained and have several years experience using the Riverside court system to take advantage of naïve defendants. Without an attorney, you may miss easy opportunities to have your case dismissed or to obtain a beneficial plea bargain. Prosecutors see defendants that do not have attorneys the way a shark sees blood in the ocean.

4. Courtroom influence

An experienced Riverside criminal defense attorney will have a wide network of connections within the justice department. Having a professional relationship with judges, clerks, prosecutors and detectives dealing with your case helps your attorney better prepare. A plea bargain, dismissal, or reduced sentences may come up through such professional privileges.

5. Protection of your rights.

You know how hard the police work to get a defendant prosecuted. With that in mind it would be suicidal to think that you can handle your case by yourself. In some cases, police play dirty to obtain evidence that is used to convict defendants. A Riverside defense lawyer will help expose unlawfully obtained evidence and help get such evidence deemed inadmissible.

Crimes Regularly Committed in Riverside, CA.

criminal defense attorneyRiverside, California is home to a number of regularly occurring crimes, but some crimes are committed far more frequently than others. The following offenses have a relatively high occurrence rate throughout Riverside County:

Domestic violence

Hit and run



Drug crimes


Sex crimes

White collar

Riverside Legal Assistance

Those facing charges in Riverside county should seek out a consultation from an attorney they trust as soon as possible following their arrest. Riverside PD will take advantage of defendants that do not understand their legal right to remain silent, and can push defendants to incriminate themselves, even if they are not guilty of their alleged crimes.

Those who would like to obtain a free consultation from the Law Offices of Randy Collins can do so by calling (888) 250-2865 to speak with one of our Riverside professionals. Attorney Collins was previously the DA in Riverside and has extensive experience assisting criminal defendants with their charges.

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